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Bionic Eyes Implants Give Partial Vision to Blind Patients

Source: Dailytech


Second Sight Vision, a U.S. company located near Los Angeles, is becoming the pioneering enterprise in commercial electro-ocular implants. Starting as early as 2004, it began carrying out research a series of 15 implants. The implants are part of a trial that has been going on for over three years, with patients in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico. The trial is the first of its kind.

On Monday, two British citizens received the implants at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital. The two men, both in their 50s, were completely blind before the operation. If successful, the operation should grant them limited vision allow them to navigate around obstacles and see objects. The operation to implant the artificial implants inside the existing ocular tissue takes about 3 hours. The retinas cost about $23,000 USD and are predicted to be approved for general use within three years.


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