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10 GBit Internet service for Japan in 2010

BBCNews: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8068560.stm

.. fast fibre-based FTTH 1Gbps (gigabits per second) (fibre-to-the-home) network at one of the lowest price-per-megabits anywhere.

Tokyo resident Nobuyuki is an enthusiastic user of Japan’s so-called Hikari 1GBps service, but it has made him spoilt:

“Funny thing is, you get used to it, it’s normal,” he said.
“It’s when you go abroad you see the difference and then you realise how fast and convenient Japanese infrastructure is; and how cheap too.”

“I think it’s worth having a 1GBPs network for a couple of thousand yen more than Japan’s more common 100 Mbps ADSL service, even if it’s only for displaying web pages 0.1 seconds faster.”

.. the Japanese government subsidises the real cost of FTTH by up to 33%.

.. Japan is still the world leader when it comes to connecting homes to a fibre-optic network

.. High-speed wireless Wimax is also now undergoing trials.

.. Now, with 4G mobile transmissions on the way, the government sees a convergence of super data services imminent.

The next step towards ever breakneck speeds is commercialisation of 10 GBPs fibre optic deliver.

Telecoms firm Oki Japan has successfully tested a 160 GBPs long-distance, high-speed optical connection that delivers the equivalent of “four full movies” worth of data every second.

Oki expects it to be commercialized late next year maintaining Japan’s bragging rights for some time to come. Just don’t ask them what they will do with it.

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