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New Memory Can Store Data Safely for 1,000 Years (Japan)

DailyTech – New Memory Can Store Data Safely for 1,000 Years.

Japanese researchers have come up with a new form of ultra-long term memory that they say can last over 1,000 years.  They dub their memory the Digital Rosetta Stone, or DRS memory for short.

The system consists of a stack of four 15-inch wafers, each containing special memory chips.  The wafers are sealed with SiO2 and SiN to insulate them from oxygen gas and water.  This key feature maintains the humidity at below 2 percent, essentially allowing the long life.  The wafers will be built on a 45nm CMOS technology and offer 2.5 Tbits of total memory capacity

In order to get at the memory and read from and write to it, researchers use a electron-beam direct-writing technology. A mask ROM on the chips provides inductive coupling and allows contactless communication.

The test prototype used larger scale 0.18?m CMOS technology and 5mm x 5mm test chips.  With the reader and the wafers separated from contact by 0.2 mm, a four-channel communication speed of 150Mbps was achieved, using only 56mW of power.

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