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Researchers Working on Solution to Remineralize Teeth

Source: Dailytech


research is based on regrowing dentin in damaged teeth. Dentin is the substance underneath the white enamel of our teeth. Wired.com describes Dentin as being similar to adobe bricks made from mud and reinforced with straw fibers. In healthy teeth the dentin is reinforced by fibers of collagen. Once acids and decay erode the enamel of a tooth and gain access to the dentin the bacteria break the dentin down and you get tooth decay.

Wired explains that in a healthy tooth dentin is about twice as hard as pinewood. When a tooth decays the dentin takes on the consistency of rubber. Marshall believes that by coating a tooth with a layer of her solution a tooth can be remineralized. This would fix the erosion of enamel on a tooth and prevent bacteria from decaying the dentin underneath.



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