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TinyPic / Imageshack uploader 2.02 update

July 30th, 2009 5 comments

2.02 – July 30th 2009

With this little tool you can very easily upload pictures to, and without having to go through their website. You can enable shell link integration and simply Right-click the file and select “Send to TinyPic/Imageshack/MessyShare or drag the file to the app. window and it will automatically start uploading.


  • Send multiple files in a queue
  • Crop an area of the screen
  • Send existing files via context-menu (32-bit only), selecting them from a dialog, or dragging them to the application window
  • Capture the active window when you press F11
  • Select a window from currently running applications via Aero live thumbs (Vista and W7 only)
  • Send your clipboard contents (image)
  • Send to either Tinypic, Imageshack or Messyshare, and get the direct link copied to your clipboard automatically
  • Auto-resize pictures and/or lower quality automatically if file exceeds a given size, to speed-up uploads on slow connections (like non-Japanese)
  • Store captures from cropping or paste etc
  • Supports multiple monitors in any configurations (spanned horz/vertically etc)
  • Works in Linux via wine libraries
  • .net framework is NOT required
  • Supports specific Windows 7 features (taskbar progress)
  • Store a log with comments and its link about every upload
tpic200-1 tpic200-2

Cropped Capture - 00058



Mirror download in Softpedia (might be an older version):

Single exe file, no installer (also no context-menu available):



Important for 1.x users:

Disable context-menu in 1.x and uninstall it first before installing 2.x

2.02: fixed upload to