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TokyoFileSearch 0.1

This is a very simple and lite application to index and search for files in your hard disks. Tired of the lame and cpu-intensive file search stuff in windows I decided to make my own. It needs to be manually re-indexed when you add new files but it suits my needs.

Download: http://techsuki.net/apps/TokyoFileSearch/TokyoFileSearch.exe (322 KB)

Runs in Windows 95 to Vista, either 32 or 64 bits. Does NOT require .net
Simply download and run it somewhere. It will create a file called “index.db” when you run the indexer, in the same exe folder, don’t delete it.

Consider it a beta since there is a lot to be done, it’s very raw now.. but does its job. Check back later for updates.

Click on the pictures for a bigger screenshot.

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