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Chaotic Nanotubes Assemble Orderly Structures

Source: Dailytech

Researchers, led by Dr. Ernesto Joselevich, at the Weizmann Institute have been experimenting with self-assembling nanostructures using the popular carbon nanotube. Carbon nanotubes are not easy to produce in usable forms. Joselevich’s team used an approach known as “order through chaos” on groups of nanotubes and were successful in producing complex structures.

“It may seem paradoxical – trying to create order through chaos – but in fact, this a common phenomenon on the macroscale. Systems affected by forces that fluctuate from one extreme to another tend to self-organize into much more complexly ordered structures than those in which the external forces are ‘calm.’ We applied this principle at the nanoscale to see if it would have the same effect, and indeed, it did,” said Joselevich in a press release.

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