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Mars Has Odd Shape Due to Meteor Strike

Source: Dailytech

Astronomers have been extremely curious as to why the Red Planet has such a unique geophysical shape in one hemisphere but not the other.  The Martian crust is thicker in the southern hemisphere than the northern hemisphere, though astronomers never had anything but theories as to why this happened.  Furthermore, there are significant magnetic anomalies in the south but north, which likely was caused after the space rock impacted the planet.

Once the rock hit the surface, researchers believe it had the energy equivalent of one million billion atomic bombs.

Dubbed the Borealis Basin, edges of the depression have been covered by lava that erupted from volcanoes and eventually erased part of the boundary lines.

More space programs have taken interest in the Red Planet, with several space agencies wanting to launch manned missions to Mars in the future.  The NASA Phoenix lander continues to analyze the Martian surface looking for any signs of ice.  After digging two small trenches into the surface last week, Phoenix likely found ice crumbs, which could be another sign that the Red Planet has the ability to support life.

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