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Blame Vista if your hardware product sucks

DailyTech – SanDisk CEO: Vista is Not a Friend to [Our] SSDs

At least, that’s what Sandisk’s CEO thought, even if their disks suck also in XP

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It is quite true that SanDisk’s SSD are woefully subpar in performance when running Windows Vista. Numerous benchmarks from around the web have shown SanDisk SSDs getting outpaced by the competition.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see SanDisk SSDs rank last in testing in almost every benchmark and by a large margin — even in Windows XP. Recent testing showed that MSI’s Wind netbook was no faster with a SanDisk SATA 5000 SSD than with the standard 80GB HDD — an Eee PC 1000h featuring similar specifications was significantly faster with a competing SSD from Samsung.

While Vista may be a performance inhibitor compared to Windows XP for SSDs, it appears that most new, current-generation SSDs are having no problems performing well with the operating system. The problem appears to be SanDisk’s low reads and writes (67 MB/sec and 50 MB/sec respectively) compared to the competition (i.e., OCZ’s new Core Series SSDs which clock in at 120 to 143 MB/sec for reads and 80 to 93 MB/sec for writes).

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