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Respirocyte – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Respirocytes are hypothetical, artificial red blood cells that can supplement or replace the function of much of the human body’s normal respiratory system. Still entirely theoretical, respirocytes measure 1 micrometer in diameter. Respirocytes mimic the action of the natural hemoglobin-filled red blood cells. The design of the spherical nanorobot is made up of 18 billion atoms arranged as a tiny pressure tank. The tank can be filled up with oxygen and carbon dioxide, making one complete transfer point at the lungs, and the reverse transfer at the body’s tissues

Each respirocyte can store and transport 236 times more oxygen than natural red blood cells. It can also monitor carbon acidity in the cell. Filled with these respirocytes, an adult human could hold his/her breath underwater for four hours. That person could also sprint at top speed for at least 15 minutes without taking a breath.

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