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Mobion Prototype Fuel Cell Charger Announced

December 19th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

DailyTech – Mobion Prototype Fuel Cell Charger Announced.

The latest fuel cell charger is from MTI Micro and it’s called the Mobion charger. MTI has announced itsĀ prototype Mobion charger and offered up a few details on the device, which isn’t set to hit the market until the end of 2009.

MTI says the Mobion charger is self-sufficient and has a USB port for charging any device that connects via USB like cell phones, GPS devices, and digital cameras. The charger claims to be able to charge your average cell phone over ten times; that would be enough for a full month of use says MTI.

Using the charger a MP3 player would be able to play 10,000 songs or watch over 100 hours of video per cartridge of fuel. The fuel cell cartridge is known as the Mobion Chip and is based on 100% methanol fuel. The Chip demonstrated power of over 62 mW/cm2 and produced over 1800 Watt Hours Per Kilogram of energy from direct methanol fuel feed. TheĀ Medis Power Pack is a very similar fuel cell charger, but uses a much bulkier design.

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