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Researchers Develop Simple Light-powered Nanomotor

DailyTech – Researchers Develop Simple Light-powered Nanomotor.

The nanomotor is not the first motor to be driven by particles of light; it is however, the first nanomotor built entirely from a single molecule of DNA. The simplicity of using a single DNA molecule reportedly makes the nanomotor easier to manufacture and develop. The researchers hope that one day the nanomotor may be used in areas ranging from medicine to manufacturing.

Huaizhi Kang, the first author of the paper reporting the findings said, “It is easy to assemble, has fewer parts and theoretically should be more efficient.”

The nanomotor is exceptionally small. In its collapsed form, the nanomotor is only two to five nanometers. When in its uncollapsed form, the nanomotor is 10 to 12 nanometers long. The tiny nanomotor is able to convert considerably more of the energy in sunlight to power than traditional solar cells report the scientists.

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