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Scientists Use Sudoku to Speed Genome Sequencing

DailyTech – Scientists Use Sudoku to Speed Genome Sequencing.

Scientists thing the new method can save millions in sequencing costs

Scientists at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) have discovered a new method of pooling a multitude of DNA samples for sequencing. The new method is being called DNA Sudoku because it uses a method similar to the math game to greatly increase the speed at which DNA can be sequenced.

The researchers report that DNA Sudoku method allows for tens of thousands of DNA samples, short combinations of polynucleotides with A, T, G, and C bases, to be combined and sequenced.  The simultaneous sequencing is done by looking at the letter order and comparing it to the correct order of the known human genome using an algorithm that resembles those used to solve Soduku puzzles.

The ability to do all the sequencing at once is a massive improvement over past methods that allowed only a single DNA sample to be sequenced at a time. It is also an improvement on current techniques that can ideally only combine hundreds of samples.

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