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Google’s done it again

So much for google’s “do no evil” motto.. (I guess supporting the censorship of human rights and civilian massacres seems alright to them), they’ve done it again, screwing up its customers. I loaded my Picasa site today, it was empty. No notice, no instructions, no warnings, no nothing.

If you have a paying Picasa account and have a single picture you think might be against what they deem innapropiate in line with their terms of service, you might as well take it down and think it twice before renewal. They removed my entire 35k pictures gallery, which included only art (screenshots) and personal photo albums. It’s all gone.

– You’ll get no warning
– They’ll delete everything, even personal pictures
You can’t contact them, at all. I mean it, try a search “how to contact google”
– If you paid for storage you are not getting your money back, even if you were on their $500 plan
– You won’t be able to upload to your account again, even if your paid storage plan is still active.

So yeah, they won’t be seeing my few $ upon the next renewal.

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