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9800 GX2 heating issues: update

This is a follow-up on my previous article

I commented the card was really hot, around 85C on idle and over 100 on load, so decided to open it up and see what was wrong.

Here’s the culprit:

PICT3651 PICT3653 PICT3650 PICT3652

Bunch of dust blocking the air intake and some horrible paste was the cause. After I cleaned it up nicely and re-applied paste, idle went down to ~65-70C, and the fan now automatically goes down to ~45% (1415 RPM). Up to 60% it’s mostly silent. It took me a few hours to take it all appart and re-assemble the card, this is no joke; counted about ~50 screws.

PICT3656 PICT3657 PICT3658 PICT3659

PICT3660 Cropped Capture - 00076 Cropped Capture - 00077

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